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Xanax, Learning About-Panic-Disorder

As far as panic disorder is concerned it can be regarded as

repetitive fit of intense fear which may last for certain period in each repetition. In panic disorder attack various symptoms are seen when it overpowers an individual. The first symptom of its occurrence is abrupt increase in heart palpitation. The sufferer feels his throbbing heart is getting more uncomfortable for him. He may listen to certain throbbing sound in his brain which makes him quite nervous. In such situation the administration of Xanax can be very useful. The second symptom which becomes apparent is profuse sweating. During the attack of panic disorder the whole body of the sufferer gets drowned in sweat and his dress gets drenched. The third symptom is trembling of body without any control. The fourth indication of its attack may be feeling suffocation. Xanax can alleviate this feeling of short breathing condition. The breathing system is badly affected and the sufferer feels difficulty in taking breath. In the fifth place the patient can experience chest pain which cause quite uneasy condition for a short duration. The sixth negative effect of panic disorder can be squeamish sensation or nausea. The patient may feel abdominal unrest. In addition to these symptoms the patient may feel dizzy or in severe attack he may lose even senses. Another problem which may occur is induction of hallucination. The patient goes through the condition of de-realization and feels unreal things as if happening around him. If the patient is given a dose of Xanax, he feels better. If the sufferer is not properly treated his condition may worsen and he may feel like dying. In extreme cases of panic disorder the sufferer may develop paresthesias, which is a very agonizing condition of feeling numbness and formicating. There is another symptom of panic disorder which appears in the form of hot flushes. However, proper use of Xanax can enable the patient in overcoming all these troubles.

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The patients who are suffering from panic disorder are prescribed Xanax for getting

rid of this nuisance. The doctor advises the patient to take Xanax dose of more than four milligram potency. This dose can be increased gradually according to the instructions of the doctor. However, it must be kept in mind that greater quantity of Xanax may cause some side effects which may add to your trouble instead of giving you relief.

Xanax is administered orally in the form of tablets or capsules. It should be remembered that its long duration use may turn into addiction and you may feel it quite difficult to stop it at any later stage. Therefore it is very necessary that it should be used with all these factors adhered to your mind. If you want to stop its use you must tell your doctor the reason behind your intention and reduce the dose gradually. If you will follow the advice of you doctor, there no possibility of any complication after the use of Xanax. You can also get further information about Xanax from internet.